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Sudden changes that cover all aspects of life in a short time, such as what happened during the current COVID-19 pandemic, can pose challenges to not only the children with special needs, but also their parents / guardians. This community service activity is carried out in the form of online educational seminars on efforts to maintain the health of children with special needs during the pandemic for parents / guardians of children with special needs who attend SLB C Karya Ibu Palembang and also common populace. This activity aims to provide a better understanding to parents / guardians of children with special needs about what children with special needs may face and live with during the pandemic.


Pandemic COVID-19 Children with special needs

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Ziske Maritska. (2020). Efforts to Maintain the Health of Children with Special Needs (ABK) During the Pandemic through Online Education Seminars. Conferences of Medical Sciences Dies Natalis Faculty of Medicine Universitas Sriwijaya, 2(1), 10-13.